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This is a sample of an album made by jAlbum which is a photo gallery generator. It gives the option to select one of the predefined presets (themes) and customize it further to suit the needs of a photo gallery. The strongest advantage for me is the ease of use and the possibilities to administrate the album by enriching the photos with metadata within jAlbum. The fact that it recognizes the existing file metadata is a plus for those cases of photos that are managed from a third party software, like Lightroom. 

The example below is a gallery that is made with the theme Tiger, with several folders that appear as sub galleries. This is an embedded as an iframe gallery and it is hosted at the same domain as this website. This allows more easily the execution of  javascript to alter the iframe height to that of the content of the gallery onload.

jAlbum is a software that runs in a PC and has to push the files of the gallery and the photos to a server. This uploading process of the changes to the gallery is done from the ftp option that is built in the software.

Heraklion Crete, Greece

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