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The website can be found here
The concept and the name of story maps come from the ESRI Story maps, however in this case a WordPress CMS is used to combine the information and present it to the users. For the maps of the website, custom ESRI ArcGIS Javascript maps are used. These maps read and plot spatial data that are hosted in the Natural History Museum of Crete, University of Crete ArcGIS Online portal and serve other web map applications as well. So, these story maps extend previous acquired data and build upon past efforts funded from other sources. 


The website is bilingual (greek and english) and it contains two story maps and a listing directory of affiliated businesses. The two story maps are about the old churches of Amari, which is a district of the geopark and Nida mountain plateau which is one of the most iconic and bigger geosites.

The listisg directory is complex enough of its own rights and it was only achieved because it was based on the WordPress plugin, the free version of Advanced Classifieds & Directory. Many issues had to be solved with the multilingual content, which in most part WPML solved in a satisfying way.

Intro video for the website

Video for the 20 years of Psiloritis geopark

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