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Web Designer

Phone: +306956131510
Address: Evarestou
Brief info

For the last twenty years I am working for the Natural History Museum of Crete of the University of Crete. My diploma is totally irrelevant with the things I do now. I started slowly by making many times more steps backwards than forward with learning bit of databases, GIS in order to try to organise the data in the Natural History Museum of Crete a bit better. In 2001 I literally did not know what Microsoft Windows is when starting to figure things about relational databases and how to develop them with Microsoft Access. That made the whole process of learning slow and painful with a lot of hours of work reading and trying things out.

In early 2010s, I started to learn to develop and administer webpages for the needs of this position. Since 2014, I have started to learn and develop my skills in photography as well, focusing mostly in panorama shooting and virtual tours development. Macro and landscape photography came a bit later, with landscape photography being the type that I find that I enjoy most at the moment. This includes urban landscapes, night scenes, sea landscapes. However, I cannot find a type of photography that I would not enjoy and if I have the chance I will definitely try portrait, street, social interactions photography in the near future.

Heraklion Crete, Greece

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